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Some Useful Books for Instrumentation Part 1

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Course In Mechanical Measurements And Instrumentation
Book#2 :
A Course In Electrical And Electronic Measurements And Instrumentation

Book#3 :
Heat and Mass Transfer Book(HMT Book)
by G.S. Sahwaney

Book#4 :
Bio-Medical Electronics and Instrumentation

Book#5 :
Instrumentation Engineering for Gate

Book #6 :
Industrial instrumentation And Control by S.k. Singh

Book #7 :
Electronic Instrumentation by Kalsi

Book #8 :
Process Control Instrumentation Technology by John Curtis

Book #9:
Solved Papers of GATE(Before 2012):

Book #10 :
Bio-Medical Instrumentation by Arumugam (A perfect Local Author book for BMI)

Book #11:
Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements by Davis A.Bell(fondly called as "Black Book" by Instrumentation Engineers)

Book #12 :
Modern Electronic Instrumentation by Cooper

Book #13 :
Power Plant Instrumentation By Krishnaswamy

Book #14 :
Analytical Instruments by Khaare

Book #15 :
Handbook for Bio-Medical Instrumentation by R.S.Khandpur

Book #16 :
Principles of Electronic Instrumentation by Patranobis

Book #17 :
Industrial Electronics by Sunil Kumar

Book #18 :
Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements by J.B. Gupta

Book #19 :
Virtual Instrumentation using Labview by Jerome (An Amazing book for Labview Beginners)

Book #20 :
Transducers and Instrumentation by Murty


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