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VLSI Books

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Mind Tree Question Papers(Previous Years)

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Basics in C programming Notes for Placements

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Important concepts and programs of C and C++ programs

part 1: Click Here to Download
part 2 :Click here to Download
part 3 : Download from here


Turbo Cpp Programming Software for EIE Engineers

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This Software (Turbo C\CPP) is available for download to all now :) Click here to Download :


Fibre Optics And Laser Instruments

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Redefine your image with these tips

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Apart from being strong in academics, honing your manners, etiquette and body language is also important. Rummy Sharma shares a few tips on the same. Read on.
Q: Please suggest me some etiquette or way of behaving during personal interview during admission process for MBA which can impress the people on the panel. – Zohra
RS: Do these things: 1. Dress formally. 2. Check your tone of voice. 3. Watch your behavior. 4. Be aware of your visual communication. Prepare well not only with subject, but with your presentation of self.
Q: Sir, tell me the best way to shake hands while meeting anyone officially. - Arpana
RS: Hi Arpana, there are handshakes and more handshakes. One must stand straight, offer a firm hand, three pumps on a first official introduction, twice for subsequent meetings and one when leaving others. It is always the right of the lady to decide whether she wants to offer a handshake to a man or not and a very important rule is that, the host is the one who has to initiate the handshake.
Q: How loud a voice is considered etiquette for public meeting /conferences? - Jaya
RS: Hi Jaya, one doesn't need a loud voice these days to be a good public speaker. What with the audio equipment that is provided. Just speak as if you are talking to a group of six people around you. That should be fine.
Q: What kind of table manners should be followed when out for lunch with clients? – Reema
RS: Hi Reema, Dining table is the place where one can demonstrate their etiquette. Learn how to use the cutlery and crockery, their usage and a very important rule, you go to a restaurant not to eat but to show off your skill of western dining. Also ensure that you know the placement of crockery, cutlery, don't make mouth noises, practice cutting food and bringing it to the mouth. All your liquids will be on your right and solids on your left.
Q: How can I improve my impression and how can I be that kind of a person whom people like to help. What are the points I should keep in my mind? - Sanjeev
RS: Usually we say give and take respect. We believe that when we are helpful others will do the same to us. But sometimes we need to be assertive. Don't just go around doing good. You need to make it clear that you expect them to help you too and ask for it when needed.
Q: Please tell me the attitude, manners and personality traits which I should develop, which would be useful for me to face any sort of administrative/political-problems/solution or any complicated circumstances I come across in my future. N.Praveen Devaraaja
RS: Whether you will be a success or not depends on the first impressions you make on others. It just takes seven seconds time for somebody to come to form a first impression about you. So you need to be careful of how you are perceived by others. Also be natural in your presentation. To be successful, you need to analyze every situation and take a decision that is logical and serves the purpose.
Q: What is the best way to teach etiquette to the age group of 4 - 6 year old kids? - Kavita
RS: I say, kids have only eyes and no ears. They see what you do and how you practice what you preach. So teach the kids etiquette by practicing it.
Q: I’ve recently joined a MNC. I often don’t bother about what people think about me. I only concentrate on my business. Because of this my colleagues feel I have a bad attitude and they don’t interact with me as they would do with the other people. So give me some ideas that I could implement to get their attention and how to maintain the attitude, personality, manners in front of them. - Mohan C
RS: People are always observing us and come to conclusions about us by how we interact with them. If you really want to grow, you cannot do it on your own. You need to be a team player. So start smiling at them to start with and join the coffee machine conversations. Slowly, you will be accepted in to the team. Offer help and ask for help too occasionally.
Q: I wanted to know what should be my thoughts, my body language and my attitude. And how can I come out from my shyness and speak in front of a crowd. - Mohit Mudgal
RS: It is not only your problem but of millions of others. Practice talking in front of a mirror to start with. Practice with friends who would help you. Make a start.
Q: I'm from a village and have come to Mumbai. In first impression I look professional but when I start to speak with anyone they understand from my language that I’m from the village and they start to underestimate me. Then it creates problems for me to communicate in proper way. - Ram
RS: Your written communication is good. Improve your accent, and overcome your mother tongue influence. It will take time. But since you are already aware of your problem, you can overcome it.
Q: I want to know the right postures for a job interview. - Arpan
RS: Hi Arpan, sit with your back erect, arms on the armrest, hands on the lap. Do move your hands, head occasionally. Don't allow your elbows to creep on to the table in front of you. It is not yours.
Q: Is eye contact with the audience an essential factor while delivering a speech? – Nandini
RS: Hi Nandini, in the western culture which we are trying to imitate, eye contact is a must. Otherwise, people think we are not being honest. If you have a problem making constant eye contact, look between the eyes of the people. It will make you, and the other person comfortable.
Mr Rummy Sharma specializes in international business etiquette, soft skills and training for HR and non-HR professionals. He has come out with India’s first training video called ‘Manners Matter’. He has trained children as well as business etiquette to CEOs.



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UNIT - 1 : not available
UNIT - 2 : Click to Download here


CTS previous placement question papers

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Power Plant Instrumentation

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Unit - I   :   Click here to Download & This also
Unit - II  :  Click to Download here & This also
Unit - III : Not Available
Unit IV : Download here
Unit - V : Not Available

{Previous Year Question Papers : Download here}


Logic And Distributed Control System

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Operating System

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Industrial Data Networks

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Unusual Sites to Visit for Quick Book Reviews

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You can always visit the top book sellers to read reviews of the newest and most popular books, but if you are looking for something a little more specialized you might want to check out one of these book review sites. Each one has its own special focus that meets the needs of certain types of book lovers.
Image: Wikipedia
  1. Allreaders.com – This site doesn’t have a glamorous look but it makes up for it in its functionality. You are not limited to genre, title and author in you search. You can get much more specific about types of character or types of plots that you enjoy.
  2. Notes from the Windowsill – This review site is focused specifically on children’s books that are loved by adult readers. The site allows searches by theme or content, rather than author or title.
  3. BookNews.co.uk – This UK website provides listings and reviews on the newest books out in areas of science, technology and medicine. Its listings are done by date with the newest releases listed at the top. You’ll find subjects from agriculture to psychology and everything in between.
  4. Locusmag.com – Locus Magazine’s website provides you with reviews on science fiction and fantasy books and has quite an extensive listing in its archives.
  5. ARD-Anthropology Review Database – A very specialized book and film review site. The topics on this site tend towards the scholarly study of human behavior. Biographies of the reviewers themselves are also available on the site.
  6. Webdeveloper.com – If you’re an internet geek, then this review site is for you. The books listed here are all about website development. This is the hard core of geekdom.
  7. ForwardReviews.com – An independent reviewer of books put out by small press publishers. If you’re looking for the newest rare find in reading material, you may want to try this site.
  8. BookBrowse.com – This is a true book-lover’s website. Not only can you read reviews but samples from some the newest most popular titles. It also features book clubs and the opportunities for members to read and review new books before they are available to the public.
  9. DannyReviews.com – This individual reviewer allows you to search his reviews by country or global region, as well as specific genre and his personal recommendations. A very interesting site to browse through.
  10. Leonardo.info – A very specialized site. Reviews on this site deal with the convergence of art, science and technology in the current world culture. If you’re looking for current trends in culture you may find what you are looking for here.
Not all readers are looking for books on the best sellers list. If you’re into some more technical, more philosophical or just need a more detailed search of fiction titles, there are other options available to find these books on the web. These sites will help you find those gems that are especially tailored to what you’re looking for.


Video Tutorials

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Video tutorials to Study the Complex  Mathematical Calculations Easily using only your Mind with no PAPER OR PEN IN HANDS 

Download Link #1: Click Here

Download Link #2: Click Here

Download Link #3: Click Here


Birthday Calculator

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Step1: Add 18 to your birth month.
Step2: Multiply by 25.
Step3: Subtract 333.
Step4: Multiply by 8.
step5: Subtract 554.
step6: Divide by 2.
step7: Add your birth date.
step8: Multiply by 5.
step9: Add 692.
step10: Multiply by 20.
step11: Add only the last two digits of your birth year.
step12: Subtract 32940 to get your birthday!.

IF the Result is like .....51892

Then 18-Date
92 -Year 


Age Calculator

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1) Pick a no frm 1 to9

2) Multiply your number by 2

3) Add 5 to the number u created in step2

4)Multiply the no.u created in step3 by 50

5) IF u havent had ur b'day 

Add 1760 else Add 1761

6)Subtract the year u where born



my Age is 18.... i.e last Two Digits :-) try it out & enjoy :) 


Trick to make appear a number four times

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This trick is going to make a number you choose appear six times (to get the best effect it helps if you have a calculator). Think of a number between 1 and 9. Now multiply it by 7, then by 3, next by 11, then by 37, and finally by 13.


Let if i choose a no.4 then





34188*13=444444 :-) 

also try this using C programing and C++ programming for your leisure time practices :-)


Hand Calculator

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Draw these calculator keys on your palms with a ballpoint pen.

Posted Image


Tell your friend that she can multiply by 9 on your hands just as she would on a regular calculator. After she enters the numbers and pushes (=) , just bend over the finger that is multiplied by 9. The fingers that are standing up tell her the answer!

Posted Image

Posted Image


Digital Roots by Casting "9"

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What is Digital root? 

If we add up the digits of a number until there is only one number left we have found what is called the digital root. In other words, the sum of the digits of a number is called its digital root.


For 5674, 5 + 6 + 7 + 4 = 22 and 2 + 2 = 4

» 4 is the digital root of 5674

One use of digital roots is for divisibility tests (like 3 and 9). This method makes it easier to calculate the digital root.


Posted Image


Find the digital root of 257520643

Posted Image

1. 2 + 7 = 9, cross out 2 and 7.

2.4 + 3+2 = 9, cross out 4, 3 and 2.

3.There are no other groups of numbers adding up to 9.

4.Add up the remaining digits, 5 + 5 + 0 + 3 = 13.

5.13 is more than 9, so 1 + 3 = 4.

6.The digital root is 4.

If there is nothing left after having cast out nines then the digital root is 9.


Syllabus for EIE dept Anna Univ Chennai

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St.Joseph's college of engineering : Internal marks


DSD two marks (Digital System Designs)

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DSD two marks :  Download here


Process Control Previous Year Question papers

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Previous Year Question Papers For Process Control Alone: Click here to Download

Process Control : Unit - I (Krishnaswamy book)


Embedded Systems

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Unit - IV => QNX, Vx Works, μC, RT Linux OS >>   Click Here To Download


Modern Electronic Instruments

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Harmonic Distortion Analyzer : Click here to Download

Magnetic Tape Recorder :  Click here to Download

Virtual Instruments vs Traditional Instruments : Click here to Download


DSD Notes (Digital System Designs)

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  1. DSD Flash Memory Notes: click here
  2. DSD CMOS: Click here 
  3. Flash memory (ppt) : Click here to download


University Time Table

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Flash Memory(unit-4)

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